Kidney Tumor Treatment and Surgery in Delhi, NCR & India

Surgery Available – Yes

Hospitalization Required – Yes, it depends on the type and stage of tumor.

Lab Tests Facility – Available

Emergency Treatment – Available 

In Patient Facilities  – Available 

Imaging Facility – Available

Same Day Appointment – Available

Recovery Rate – Recovery rate is high, although it depends on the stage of cancer.

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Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is the most common cancer of the kidney and an experienced uro-oncologist is needed to suggest the best kidney tumor treatment to the patient. Kidney tumors can be clear cell carcinoma as well but renal carcinomas constitute major renal cancers. However the kidney cancers are rare cancers and are not detected early as they don’t exhibit any symptoms.

Risk Factors of renal cancer are smoking, hypertension, obesity, genetics, occupational hazard (iron and steel industry workers) and some conditions are genetic conditions such as von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) disease or inherited papillary renal cell carcinoma. Persons having these risk factors are more prone to kidney cancers than others. 


Symptoms of Kidney Tumors 


  1. The renal carcinomas are asymptomatic in the beginning
  2. Later on the symptoms develop as the tumor advances such as blood in urine
  3. Side pain/Flank pain or back pain on one side
  4. Constant Fatigue 
  5. Unexplained or excessive Weight loss
  6. High Blood Pressure 
  7. A lump may be felt in the abdomen


How the Diagnosis of kidney tumor is made?


The renal cell carcinoma is an accidental detection in most cases as it doesn’t produce any symptoms in the initial stages. It is found out accidentally when the ultrasound or CT scan is performed for any other reason.


Treatment of Renal Cancer or Kidney Tumors

  • The Renal Tumors don’t respond to traditional chemo or radiotherapy.
  • The Nephrectomy Surgery – Nephrectomy surgery is the removal of the diseased (cancerous) kidney surgically. Nephrectomy can be radical or partial.
  • So the minimal invasive surgery for renal tumors in the form of Laparoscopic Radical Nephrectomy involves the removal of the whole kidney.
  • Another option is minimal invasive surgery for renal tumors in the form of Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy, in which only a part of the kidney is removed. The choice of surgery depends upon the stage and extent of the tumor. This is also known as Nephron Sparing Surgery or NSS.
  • So Nephrectomy can be done either laparoscopically or by open surgery.  
  • Targeted Antiangiogenic Therapy – This treatment is for advanced renal cancers. Some antiangiogenic drugs are given to the patient which target the blood supply of tumor specifically. The blood supply of the tumor is hampered by these drugs. When the tumor cells don’t receive any blood they shrink and get inactivated.
  • Immunotherapy – In immunotherapy treatment, the body’s immune system is boosted to fight the cancer naturally. The drugs are given by IV to increase the immunity of the cancer patient to fight the cancer of its own. It is also known as biological therapy.  

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Question 1. One of my Parents had kidney cancer. Am I at an increased risk of getting it?


Answer. Yes, Genetics play an important role in cancer causing factors. Meet the urologist to get a proper screening at regular intervals.


Question 2. What are the chances of complete treatment in case of kidney cancers?


Answer. It depends on the stage of kidney cancer. If the cancer is in the Early stages then it has a great survival rate. If the cancer has spread to other organs then the survival rate declines as per the extent of spread of cancer. 


Question 3. How can I prevent the kidney tumor?


Answer. As such, there are no foolproof prevention methods but staying healthy, exercising, maintaining a healthy weight decreases the chances of getting kidney cancer.


Question 4. Can the kidney tumor be treated without surgery?


Answer. Yes, some early staged and small tumors can be treated with ablation or observation. However the chances of recurrence are more.


Question 5. Is chemotherapy effective in kidney cancer?


Answer. No, the renal tumors respond poorly to chemotherapy treatments, so it is not generally given.


Question 6. How is the Targeted antiangiogenesis treatment given?


Answer. It is given in the form of tablets most of the times. It has great results and is a preferred method in advanced tumors. 


Question 7. What is the line of action if a kidney tumor is suspected?


Answer. The tests are performed to confirm the diagnosis and the stage of tumor is determined. After that the treatment is started as per the stage of the tumor. 


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