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Surgery Available – Yes

Hospitalization Required – Yes, Just 24 Hours.

Lab Tests Facility – Available

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Recovery Rate – Recovery rates are high.

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Dr Ashish Saini is the Best Sexologist in Delhi and the best Urologist in Delhi NCR. A Gold Medalist from AIIMS New Delhi, he has to his name various complex Urological and Sexology related surgeries done in large numbers in his 12+ years of experience. He has been awarded several times for his outstanding work done in his journey till now.

Dr Ashish Saini did his MBBS from India’s Prestigious medical college – King George Medical College (KGMC) Lucknow. Post MBBS completion, he completed his M. Ch in Urology from India’s Best Medical College – All India Medical Sciences (AIIMS) New Delhi.

Dr Ashish Saini has successfully completed 5200+ Urology and Sexology Surgeries. His patients are from all over the country and the world. Dr Ashish Saini is clearly the Best Sexologist and Urologist in Delhi, NCR and India because of his vast and versatile experience in the field of Urology and Sexology.



Enlargement or Swelling in the veins of the scrotum is known as varicocele. Varicocele can lead to many fertility related issues in males such as low sperm count and quality, and thereby infertility. Varicocele happens due to some unknown reasons, but some risk factors of varicocele are long standing hours and defect in valves of genital veins. Varicocele treatment is given by Dr. Ashish Saini, the best andrologist in delhi, you can find him while searching for urologist near me


Symptoms of Varicocele


It is not necessary for varicocele to produce any symptoms. Some symptoms that may appear are as follows – 


  • Pain in the testicles that vary from sharp pain to mild constant dull pain
  • Testes size may reduce with time if varicocele is left untreated
  • Pain increases with long standing and exertion
  • Can lead to low sperm count 
  • May lead to infertility 
  • Can even cause erectile dysfunction (ED)


Varicocele Treatment in Delhi


This includes the medicinal treatment, observation approach (wait and watch) for asymptomatic varicocele etc. If the varicocele fails to get treated by these measures then the surgical approach is followed. 


MVL – The Best Treatment for Varicocele


MVL, also known as subinguinal Microscopic Varicocele ligation (Goldstein Approach) is the best treatment for varicocele in men. It helps in faster recovery and low recurrence. The veins are ligated under microscopic vision. After that the patient is sent to recovery room and then discharged.


Benefits of Varicocele Treatment


  • Chances of making your partner pregnant increase many folds
  • Sperm Motility increase
  • Sperm count improves
  • Overall male infertility treatment is given 
  • Cosmetic appearance of varicocele improves dramatically after the healing process is over.

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Question 1. Are the stitches visible on the penis?


Answer. No the stitches are usually dissolvable ones. The incision is made near the thigh on the groin area so no cut is made on the penis.


Question 2. Which type of anesthesia is given during penile implant surgery?


Answer. Local, General or epidural anesthesia is given. 


Question 3. How much time does the whole procedure take?


Answer. It takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour for the surgery. 


Question 4. Are there any restrictions in my daily life after varicocele surgery?


Answer. No, there are no restrictions of any kind once you are out of your recovery phase.


Question 5. Till when is hospitalization required?


Answer. Varicocele surgery can be a day care procedure. The hospitalization of about 24 hours is needed in some cases. 


Question 6. When can I resume sexual and daily activity after the surgery?


Answer. You can resume sexual as well as daily activity after 6 weeks of the procedure. 


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