Penis Enlargement Treatment in India

Surgery Available – Yes

Hospitalization Required – Yes, it depends on the procedure of choice as most of them are day care procedures.

Lab Tests Facility – Available

Emergency Treatment – Available 

In Patient Facilities  – Available 

Imaging Facility – Available

Same Day Appointment – Available

Recovery Rate – Recovery rates are high, avoid the sexual activity for 6 weeks.

Meet Dr Ashish Saini - Best Sexologist / Urologist in Delhi, NCR and India


Dr Ashish Saini is the Best Sexologist in Delhi and the best Urologist in Delhi NCR. A Gold Medalist from AIIMS New Delhi, he has to his name various complex Urological and Sexology related surgeries done in large numbers in his 12+ years of experience. He has been awarded several times for his outstanding work done in his journey till now.

Dr Ashish Saini did his MBBS from India’s Prestigious medical college – King George Medical College (KGMC) Lucknow. Post MBBS completion, he completed his M. Ch in Urology from India’s Best Medical College – All India Medical Sciences (AIIMS) New Delhi.

Dr Ashish Saini has successfully completed 5200+ Urology and Sexology Surgeries. His patients are from all over the country and the world. Dr Ashish Saini is clearly the Best Sexologist and Urologist in Delhi, NCR and India because of his vast and versatile experience in the field of Urology and Sexology.



A small sized penis is the main cause of inferiority complex in males. Any size smaller than 3.9 inches in erect state is considered as small penis. These small penis can be treated with either hormonal therapy, surgical methods or alternative methods such as PRP etc. The reasons behind the small penis size can be genetic, hormonal (testosterone) deficiency, malnutrition, trauma in childhood days etc. Some by birth defects can be treated at an earlier age (during childhood) such as 

  • Peno-scrotal webbing (webbing is corrected and the exact length of penis is exposed)
  • Fatty Mons hiding the penis (excess fat over the mons is removed to expose the penis length)
  • Chordee Repair (this creates curved penis and is corrected in young children as well.)

Correction of these congenital problems dramatically increase the size of penis. Other cases are often treated by the following measures –

Penis Enlargement by Hormonal Treatment 

Some hormonal injections are given to the patient after checking the hormonal levels.

  • Hormonal (testosterone or Beta HCG) Injection, patches, tablets, gels and ointments
  • Increase in Girth is also observed
  • Length of the penis also improves by inches in patients who respond well to hormonal therapy.

Note – Every patient is not a candidate for hormonal treatment. It depends on the blood test reports and how the patient’s body responds to hormonal treatment. 


Penis Enlargement by Surgical Method

This is performed when the hormonal treatment is not effective or the patient is not a candidate for hormonal therapy. These surgeries are performed by the best sexologist in delhi Dr. Ashish Saini.  

  • Penis Enlargement Surgery – it involves lengthening the penis to improve the overall length and width. A silicon implant (penuma) is inserted in the penis surgically to increase its length and girth.
  • Penis girth Enhancement /Fat graft – In this procedure the fat is taken out from the patient’s body (any donor area). Then that fat is injected inside the penis to increase its girth. 

Alternative Methods are 


Question 1. What is the best age to start penis enlargement treatment?

Answer. The younger the age, better is the result of hormone therapy and surgeries. So any age around 18 years is the best time. The chances of good results are comparatively low after the age of 50 years.


Question 2. How much time does the fat graft surgery takes for penis girth enhancement?

Answer.  Fat grafting is just injecting the fat in the penis so it is generally a day care procedure and it does not leave any scar on the penis.


Question 3. Till when the sexual activity is avoided after the penis enlargement procedure?

Answer. Although the precautions are different for every procedure. However the patient should avoid any sexual activity for 6 weeks after the procedure.


Question 4. Can taking the hormonal medicines increase the size of penis?

Answer. If you have testosterone deficiency or other male hormones deficiency, then the hormonal medicines can help in increasing the penis size. 


Question 5. How much time does penis enlargement surgery takes?

Answer. It takes about 45 minutes to one hour.


Question 6. Which type of anesthesia is given during the procedures?

Answer. Both general and epidural anesthesia are available but general anesthesia is preferred as it keeps the patient relaxed asleep during the procedure. 

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